“Hazardous journey, small wages, long months of complete darkness, constant danger,

safe return doubtful, honor and recognition in case of success. ~ Ernest Shackleton

Welcome to the Safe Return Doubtful Network. We make Podcasts about things we enjoy or at least things we can talk about.

Safe Return Doubtful Podcast (APB): This is our general conversation podcast. We get together on Thursdays and talk about the news of the day, how we are journeying through life, and different challenges we are trying to over come. Join in the conversation by calling into our studio line that is open 24/7 at 707-840-5321 or email us safereturndoubtfulpodcast@gmail.com. We would love to hear from you.

Shoot The Puck Podcast: We record in the Seattle area and with the NHL coming to the region in 2021-22 we wanted to start building the band wagon. Hop on board and become a fan of the greatest sport in North America.

The Screen Club: With so many ways to see movies now why not talk about them? We discuss new movies in the theaters, releases from the streaming services, and old movies we still have kicking around on DVD. Leave us requests with movies you want us to talk about.