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Episode 10 with Jackson Hardin

Hey everybody!  I hope you enjoyed and were inspired by this podcast as much as I was!  Here is a link to Jackson's site check it out and spread around some of these wonderful ideas that we are all collectively tapping into!  

And let us know if you like the Skype!  Leave any comments on our facebook page at

All of us here appreciate all of your love and support!!  

Spread love and dreams!


Episode 1.  Bill with a solo entry

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Episode 1. Bill with a solo entry

Here it is!  Finally after many starts and stops the first Podcast!!!  Please excuse the rings from my phone that I was recording with, like a dip I forgot to turn off the ringer, but live and learn!  You won't hear that again!

I hope you enjoy this and are ready to hear more!  We are scheduled to record on the 30th which means episode 2 should be available in February!!

Any and all feedback is always welcome!

Big love! 

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